The most significant growth occurs
in the stage of early development

When you combine ideal market conditions along with experience and innovation, it just may be a recipe for a smart investment
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Here at Strategic Acquisitions International,

We’re not just staying ahead of the future.

We’re aiming to create it.


Our team consists of the brightest and most innovative engineers and chemists working to revolutionize alternative healthcare.

Venture Capital

Our leaders have a proven track record of raising capital and bringing companies public all within the same field.


Partnerships are key to gain market-share in any industry. Our partners have contracts with some of the largest retailers and distributors in the space.


In addition to creating great products, our marketing team is highly skilled in all forms of media to provide the proper exposure to infiltrate the market place.

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SAI was designed to provide Investors a flow-through profit share, paying quarterly distributions

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Capital Raised

The current project started in the pandemic which gained impressive interest considering the state of affairs.

Average Projected ROI per Year

Investors are paid like owners. You won't need to liquidate to profit.

Industry Set to Explode in 2021

Amid COVID-19 woes, the Cannabis Industry is expected to make its biggest jumps yet.
300 Membership Units @ 10k each

SAI retains 150 membership units and our investors make up 150 units as well. Every dollar in profit is split 50/50 with our Investor Members.

$50k Average Investment

Our Members own a larger piece of a smaller pie. 5 Membership units will receive apx two-percent of the total profits.

2021 Projected Return of 432%

SAI's current project is strategically located in Central Florida. The facility will be manufacturing some of the newest and sought-after products by Q1 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum to get started?

The minimum to participate in SAI projects is $ 20,000.

2. What are the funds being used for?

Investment capital is used to purchase equipment, hire talent, support operating, and marketing expenditures.

3. How do I get paid?

Instead of getting stock in the company, you will be receiving regular quarterly income for the next 5 or 10 years.

4. Can I transfer or reassign my investment?

Yes! However, SAI has the first right of refusal to match any legitimate offer to purchase your positions.

5. What visibility will I have?

Here at SAI, we are very transparent. We provide regular communications via email, zoom conferences, and pre-recorded webinars. Many of our investor conferences will be an open discussion forum. At the close of every quarter, you will receive a copy of the P&L along with your dispersal.

Have more Questions?

A member of our Client Services Team will be glad to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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Strategic Acquisitions Intl is a private Venture Capital Firm designed to create income opportunities in exploding markets.

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Limited Availability! Once all membership units are reserved, SAI cannot make any additions or changes to ownership of the current project.