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300 Membership Units

SAI retains 150 membership units and our investors make up 150 units as well. Every dollar in profit is split 50/50 with our Investor Members.

$50k Average Investment

Our Members own a larger piece of a smaller pie. 5 Membership units will receive 2% of the total profits.

2021 Projected Return *

SAI's current project is strategically located in Central Florida. The facility will be manufacturing some of the newest and sought-after products by Q1 2021.

* The figures above represent projected values from the Investor Package. Strategic Acquisitions International does not make any guarantees and returns may vary depending on market conditions.

Our Projects provide investors with a flow-through profit-share, paying quarterly distributions. This means you don’t have to wait to see your investment pay returns!

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Capital Raised

The Clean Green Extractions Project has already gained massive investment during the Pandemic of 2020. As the market rebounds this raise is also projected to increase!

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Average Projected ROI per Year *

Investors are paid like owners. You won't need to liquidate to profit.

* The figures above represent projected values from the Investor Package. Strategic Acquisitions International does not make any guarantees and returns may vary depending on market conditions.

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    Total Members Invested in Current Project


    Membership Units Purchased


    Membership Units Remaining

    Limited Availability! Once all membership units are reserved, SAI cannot make any additions or changes to ownership of the current project.

    Did you know that our projections of expected income will have you receive $500,000 for each $20,000 you invest with us?

    You could earn over $1,000,000 for a $50,000 investment with disbursals paid quarterly!

    Want To Know More?
    * The figures above represent projected values from the Investor Package. Strategic Acquisitions International does not make any guarantees and returns may vary depending on market conditions.

    Here at Strategic Acquisitions International,

    We’re not just staying ahead of the future.

    We’re aiming to create it.


    Our team consists of the brightest and most innovative engineers and chemists working to revolutionize alternative healthcare.

    Zon Thwin is a world-class Chemist. Hailing from The University of Central Florida, Zon has been awarded by The National Science Foundation, American Chemical Society, and earned the prestigious American Institute of Chemists award in 2020. She is an expert in analytical techniques, having been published by Elsevier, and brings her experience leading a cutting edge research facility to CGE’s laboratory where Zon is developing proprietary advances in the refinement of Cannabinoids.


    We build companies that work together to accomplish a shared goal. When you combine ideal market conditions along with experience and innovation, it just may be a recipe for a smart investment.

    With 30+ years experience in venture capital, public relations, and consulting in mergers and acquisitions, Steven Bryant's vision and drive for finding the next big thing make him vital as leader and CEO. Having formed SAI specifically as a vehicle to create cannabis-related business ventures, he and his team stop at nothing to make sure your money works for you.


    Partnerships are key to gain market-share in any industry. Our partners have contracts with some of the largest retailers and distributors in the space.

    CGE is finalizing an ongoing Joint Venture with Prozure, Inc, a probiotic company which holds the exclusive worldwide rights to a novel, patented proprietary strain of probiotics.
    Interchim, a leader in laboratory research and bioanalysis equipment since 1970, has made six of their in-house PhD chemists available to us for consultation as we have purchased one of only two existing prototypes of their newest Chromatography systems.


    In addition to creating great products, our marketing team is highly skilled in all forms of media to provide the proper exposure to infiltrate the market place.

    Chloe Wright, Director of Marketing, comes from Politics and public service, where she served for more than 8 years in Los Angeles, Denver, and Washington D.C. Chloe brings a background of Data Analytics, Messaging Expertise, and Innovative Leadership to SAI. She has worked closely with and received recognition from both major political parties in The United States, as well as The Politburo of The Peoples Republic of China; Her proven record of capable leadership, diverse understanding of the international marketplace, and mature ambition is perfectly suited for the emergent markets SAI aims to penetrate.

    Our Brand Family

    A wholly owned subsidiary of SAI, CGE was formed in May of 2020 for the purpose of becoming a competitive market contender in the refinement and extraction of legal cannabis on the open market. With the lower costs of CBD, which is available on a massive scale due to over-production of hemp in the last few years, CGE aims to use the immense availability of cheap CBD Isolate to our advantage by converting it into exotic cannabinoids such as Delta 8 THC (legal in 48 states) along with CBC, CBN, and CBG (legal across the USA and most other countries), all of which have a higher degree of scarcity. These cannabinoids command a much higher price point, while the conversion process costs a relatively meager amount comparative to the profits they allow for.

    CGE’s laboratory in our 17,000 sq. ft. facility in Orlando, FL is currently in production, converting CBD into Delta 8 THC, the first cannabinoid we intend to bring to market. Additionally, we are implementing our first retail product line, “Journey Hemp Co.”, a subsidiary of CGE which will retail Delta 8 THC Vaporizer products nationally for mass consumption. How is this made possible? Thanks to our world-class team, including our in-house Engineer who previously manufactured parts for Boeing and SpaceX, a Masters Degree-certified Chemist who is helping us stay on the cutting edge of cannabinoid manipulation technology, building on over 20 years of real-world organic chemistry experience, and a Marketing expert with an 8-year track record in Politics, Public Service, and Data Analytics.

    Journey Hemp Co. aims to bring Delta-8 Vaping technology into the pockets of our customers, using state of the art technology to help our customers experience lasting relaxation and entertainment. Vaping shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a Journey your mind travels.

    As a Subsidiary of Clean Green Extractions, Journey Hemp Co.’s cutting edge Vaping Technology has already begun principal production, with Retail distribution currently Targeted in Q2 of 2021.

    We expect Journey Hemp Co. to become a name-brand in Vaping Retailers across The United States and Canada.

    At SAI, we are constantly expanding our portfolio to provide ROI to our members!

    Industry Set to Explode in 2021

    Amid COVID-19 woes, the Cannabis Industry is expected to make its biggest jumps yet.
    US Cannabis Revenue

    Cannabis to be 4th in U.S. Revenues by 2025

    In a revised forecast for the new release Cannabis in America 2021 & Beyond: A New Normal in Consumption & Demand, New Frontier Data estimates that total 2020 U.S. legal cannabis sales will exceed $20 billion, with post-election expansion and existing state markets to combine for a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21%, to reach $41.5 billion by 2025.

    Regional Average Cannabis Use Rate

    Legalization, whether for medical or adult use, encourages higher rates of reported cannabis usage. The increased reporting correlates to lessened legal risk or social stigma, along with increased public awareness, social support, and access to cannabis in a regulated marketplace.
    Regional Cannabis Usage Rate
    Current State of Cannabis

    Cannabis and the U.S. 2020 Election

    Amid the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic and a presidential campaign, tremendous gains occurred for the Cannabis industry. Most Americans—some 234 million people—will now live in either a legalized medical or adult-use market. Accordingly, fully 72% of the members of Congress, will represent constituents living amid legal markets.

    Florida Projected 3rd in Highest Annual Sales

    2020 proved to be the most consequential year yet for the North American legal cannabis industry. The Democratic Party’s securing control of the White House and both chambers of Congress increases the likelihood of historic reform to U.S. federal cannabis laws within the next two years. The industry is expected to see its best year for new capital investment in the space since 2017.
    Legal State Cannabis Markets

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a flow-through profit-share?

    Our current project is a raise for our subsidiary, Clean Green Extractions (CGE).  No ownership of CGE is being offered for Membership, however, you will be disbursed a portion of the net profit that CGE makes. With 300 total Memberships, a 2-Membership Investment (the minimum) would receive exactly 1/150th of CGE’s net profit.

    2. What is the minimum to get started?

    The minimum to participate in SAI projects is $ 20,000.

    3. What are the funds being used for?

    Investment capital is used to purchase equipment, hire talent, support operating expenses, and marketing costs.

    4. Can I transfer or reassign my investment?

    Yes! However, SAI has the first right of refusal to match any legitimate offer to purchase your positions.

    5. What visibility will I have?

    Here at SAI, we are very transparent. We provide regular communications via email, zoom conferences, and pre-recorded webinars. Many of our investor conferences will be an open discussion forum. At the close of every quarter, you will receive a copy of the P&L along with your dispersal.

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