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Clean Green Extractions is an essential oil and nutraceuticals processor specializing in processing hemp into full-spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) distillate and cannabinoid isolates including CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBGV. Using a state-of-the-art, patented extraction system and an automated chromatography lab, Clean Green Extractions can reliably produce the highest quality products at market-disrupting volume. Clean Green Extractions’ processes, activities, and facility in Pompano Beach, Florida comply with FDA cGMP, FSSC 22000, and ISO 9001, to which certification is being pursued.

High Capacity, Low Pressure, Outstanding Purity

Cannabinoid distillates are produced by extracting the essential oil of cannabis using n-heptane as a solvent, winterizing the “crude” extract, removing chlorophylls and non-cannabinoids via thin-film evaporation, and fractionating the remaining solution via flash purification and crystallization. All of these processes are performed using a modular extraction system which is easily expandable.


The “crude” essential oil of cannabis, a slurry of compounds separated from the plant material, is extracted from biomass using a centrifuge. A solution of food-grade n-heptane is then pumped into the centrifuge.


The “crude” extract is then winterized by a highly efficient and effective proprietary process conducted at room temperature, with low-weight terpenes being collected during this transit. Winterization, also known as fractionate crystallization, is the process by which lipids, such as fats and waxes, are separated from the compounds of interest to the point that they congeal and precipitate (“crash”) out of the solution. This effectively removes the overwhelming majority of plant material.


The winterized extract is then distilled using thin-film evaporation to remove the last remaining plant material and recover solvent. Thin-film evaporation employs cooled wiper blades to size a thin layer of solution against the heated jacket of the vessel under vacuum to separate mixtures based on molecular weight and velocity.


The first-pass distillate is then reprocessed with the thin-film evaporation module, resulting in the production of the highest purity full-spectrum distillate product.

Ahead of the Curve

At SAI, we have an unyielding commitment to scientific excellence and integrity in everything that we do! That’s why we are pursuing a traditional scientific approach to product development that includes advanced purification, and analytical chemical formulation methods.


We believe that cannabinoid purification and scientific formulation are the keys to developing safer and more effective cannabinoid treatments.


Unlike anything on the market today, our products are scientifically formulated to provide accurate dosing, improved bioavailability and optimized cannabinoid profiles for fast acting and consistent results.

An Industry-Wide Network At Our Fingertips

SAI specializes in the acquisition and operations of the international cannabis market globally and uses its assets to vertically integrate us to an international scale.


SAI is a full-service, global platform for bringing premium products to market in the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry, medical cannabis dispensary channels, and beyond.


Since 2018, SAI has worked diligently to build a reputation as the industry leader by meeting the needs of our customers, suppliers, and the end-users of the products we represent.


We have achieved this by offering the most innovative products at competitive prices, providing white glove customer service, and processing orders quickly with unparalleled, highly-efficient operations and logistics.

Together, We Can Grow!

SAI is at the intersection of corporate and culture, leading with content and innovation. By investing in people, engaging in high-profile strategic partnerships, and operating a sustainable branding model, we will shape the Cannabis Industry’s future.


SAI provides investors with direct access to high-performing investments and direct access to a portfolio of vetted opportunities poised for rapid growth and deep market penetration. Strategic Acquisitions International was drawn to this space through networking and association, and we were delighted to discover how many opportunities there were.


The opportunity to bring investment to individuals with or without access, the opportunity to provide an elevated quality of life, the opportunity to strengthen the global economy, the opportunity to infuse the industry with success.

Why SAI?

Here at Strategic Acquisitions International, we’re not just
staying ahead of the future. We’re aiming to create it.


Our Team’s combined experience in Engineering, Extraction, Marketing, Finance, Public Relations, and Venture Capital puts us in a position to compete with the biggest entities in the industry. We’ve made it our primary goal to understand this market better than anyone else, and have positioned SAI to become a leader in market-share in both wholesale and retail sectors.

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    Our people make the difference

    Our team members are our greatest asset. Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of smart and capable experts.
    Steven Bryant

    With 30+ years experience in venture capital, public relations, and consulting in mergers and acquisitions, Steven Bryant's vision and drive for finding the next big thing make him vital as leader and CEO. Having formed SAI specifically as a vehicle to create cannabis-related business ventures, he and his team stop at nothing to make sure your money works for you.

    Robert Stalzer
    Client Services Associate

    Since 1995 Robert has been a Registered Securities Broker Dealer; licensed Series 7, 63, and 24. His leadership has guided many large organizations in project management for live corporate events. Building relationships with a foundation of knowledge, compassion, and integrity is the driving force of his career.

    Joshua Johnson
    Client Services Manager

    With 15+ years of Executive experience in Account Management, Client Services, and Product Marketing, Joshua Johnson finds great fulfillment and thrives in working with people and solving problems. He has been intimately involved in working with companies in the Hemp/CBD Industry and relishes studying and keeping up with the cutting edge science and academic studies of how Cannabinoids are enriching peoples lives.

    Joseph Ilardi
    Chief Growth Officer

    Since 2004, Joseph Ilardi has been a Crude Oil Futures Trader and has assisted Gas & Airline Industries with risk management. In 2010, he played a crucial role in Blackstone Group's Real Estate Investment Trust with acquisitions and asset management of over 300,000 homes across the US. Successfully launched Invitation Homes IPO (NYSE: INVH). He also founded his own retail cannabis company, Cannera, in 2018.

    Whitney Heins
    Executive Assistant

    Whitney brings her experience in Quality Assurance, Project Management, Customer Relations, Training and Sales that establishes her as a key member of the SAI team. She truly enhances individuals' experiences with her commitment to excellence, her genuine personality, and her results driven expectations.

    Matthew Kirkell
    COO of Engineering

    Coming from a background in aerospace manufacturing, Matthew Kirkell's abilities in Materials Processing, Quality Management, Chemistry, and Analytics make him an essential member of the SAI Team. His ability to create operations systems with regulatory frameworks and international standards in mind, as well as his functional experience in engineering are paramount to SAI's success.

    Molly Cerullo
    Client Services Associate

    Molly has several years of customer support as well as account management experience. She thrives on providing results and guidance in every capacity she undertakes. She studied American Sign Language and dance in college and brings a high level of people skills.

    Victoria Sterk
    Client Services Associate

    Victoria comes from a background in Mental Health, with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. She also has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology, with a concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience from Florida Atlantic University, graduating with Magna Cum Laude honors. Victoria's scholarly nature has led her to extensively research and become educated on the advantageous effects of Cannabis on the mind and body. She possesses extensive knowledge of the brain-behavior relationship and clinical implications of Cannabis as a therapeutic intervention for a variety of mental and neurological illnesses.

    Paul Vorozhbit

    Having a strong background in Information Technology and 10+ years as an Automotive F&I Manager, his proficiency in numbers, communication, and technology gives SAI a solid organizational framework to run smoothly, with client security and privacy being the prime directive of Paul Vorozhbit's position.

    Libby German
    Client Services Associate

    Libby has 15+ years experience in sales,marketing, entrepreneurship, and customer service within multiple industries. She studied business administration and grew her own automotive business in 2009. She has worked closely and effectively with senior leadership, including small businesses and corporate sales teams. Libby is bilingual in both English and Spanish. She is very assertive and passionate about the CBD/Cannabis industry and is dedicated to achieving results.

    Paul Cohen
    Client Services Manager

    Having a high standing in the Venture Capital and Financial fields for 30 years, he has helped guide and mature businesses to be profitable by supplying needed funding referrals and business advice. Paul Cohen is a capitalist at heart and believes in the fundamental ideas that working hard and providing truthful, transparent information results in success.

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