Here at Strategic Acquisitions International,

We’re not just staying ahead of the future.

We’re aiming to create it.

A new age of infused product formulation is upon us.  New discoveries in manufacturing methods and compound blending we believe will be the primary forces to paving the road to a better future for consumers around the world, driven by health brands focusing on the supplement, nutraceutical, and beverage markets.


This growing industry is rooted in the simple notion that these naturally occurring compounds will not only take the place of expensive, synthetic pharmaceutical drugs in some cases, but allow consumers and patients to take back control of their psychological and physical health.


Here at SAI, our intention is to acquire and grow cutting-edge companies whose primary objective is to combine the powerful effects of Hemp-derived compounds with the best, scientifically backed ingredients which consumers value in their alternative healthcare journey.


Our leadership brings unparalleled hands-on experience in a multitude of engineering applications paired with a deep knowledge of ISO Standards.

Matthew Kirkell, Chief Operating Officer, comes from a background in aerospace manufacturing, having worked on parts for Boeing, SpaceX, Pratt & Whitney, among others. As the head of operation Mr. Kirkell leads a team of chemists on a bold journey through the cutting-edge of scientific and production advancement constantly innovating ways to make our manufacturing processes both more profitable, and more environmentally friendly.


Our team consists of the brightest and most innovative chemists working to revolutionize alternative healthcare.

Zon Thwin is a world-class Chemist. Hailing from The University of Central Florida, Zon has been awarded by The National Science Foundation, American Chemical Society, and earned the prestigious American Institute of Chemists award in 2020. She is an expert in analytical techniques, having been published by Elsevier, and brings her experience leading a cutting edge research facility to CGE’s laboratory where Zon is developing proprietary advances in the refinement of Cannabinoids.


We build companies that work together to accomplish a shared goal. When you combine ideal market conditions along with experience and innovation, it just may be a recipe for a smart investment.

With 30+ years experience in venture capital, public relations, and consulting in mergers and acquisitions, Steven Bryant's vision and drive for finding the next big thing make him vital as leader and CEO. Having formed SAI specifically as a vehicle to create cannabis-related business ventures, he and his team stop at nothing to make sure your money works for you.


In addition to creating great products, our marketing team is highly skilled in all forms of media to provide the proper exposure to infiltrate the market place.

Chloe Wright, Director of Marketing, comes from Politics and public service, where she served for more than 8 years in Los Angeles, Denver, and Washington D.C. Chloe brings a background of Data Analytics, Messaging Expertise, and Innovative Leadership to SAI. She has worked closely with and received recognition from both major political parties in The United States, as well as The Politburo of The Peoples Republic of China; Her proven record of capable leadership, diverse understanding of the international marketplace, and mature ambition is perfectly suited for the emergent markets SAI aims to penetrate.

Our Brand Family

Clean Green Extractions, LLC. (CGE), the company behind Fizzy Infused Beverages, is a multi-faceted sales and manufacturing organization focused on the hemp-derived cannabinoid market, with the capability to target any compounds from plant material that benefit customers and increase investor profits.


CGE operates under the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill), the USDA Final Rule, and the Florida State Hemp Program, and is licensed under Florida’s “Wholesale Hemp Food Permit.” All CGE products adhere to Florida statutes and are tested at a DEA-registered laboratory for compliance.

Fizzy is the latest and most innovative product to hit the legal hemp-derived THC market. Fizzy uses proprietary technology to create the most bioavailable infused hemp beverage in the industry. The Water-Soluble THC Powder (WSP) was introduced at MJ BizCon in Las Vegas in November 2021, and since then, Fizzy has been making waves.


Fizzy is a non-alcoholic, ultra-premium hemp-derived THC beverage and is more bioavailable than traditional THC or any other cannabinoid, making it ideal for people on the go, at parties, on adventures, or for those looking to relax and enjoy special moments with friends and loved ones. Journey Hemp Co.’s Fizzy offers two different experiential options, each with its unique flavor and cannabinoid profile to deliver unique and tailored experiences to fit the demands of consumers, Delta-8-THC Seltzers for an uplifting experience and Delta-9-THC Sodas for a more restful and relaxed experience.

At SAI, we are constantly expanding our portfolio to provide ROI to our members!

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Our people make the difference

Our team members are our greatest asset. Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients starts with our team of smart and capable experts.
Steven Bryant

With 30+ years experience in venture capital, public relations, and consulting in mergers and acquisitions, Steven Bryant's vision and drive for finding the next big thing make him vital as leader and CEO. Having formed SAI specifically as a vehicle to create cannabis-related business ventures, he and his team stop at nothing to make sure your money works for you.

Joshua Johnson
Client Services Manager

With 15+ years of Executive experience in Account Management, Client Services, and Product Marketing, Joshua Johnson finds great fulfillment and thrives in working with people and solving problems. He has been intimately involved in working with companies in the Hemp/CBD Industry and relishes studying and keeping up with the cutting edge science and academic studies of how Cannabinoids are enriching peoples lives.

Paul Vorozhbit

Having a strong background in Information Technology and 10+ years as an Automotive F&I Manager, his proficiency in numbers, communication, and technology gives SAI a solid organizational framework to run smoothly, with client security and privacy being the prime directive of Paul Vorozhbit's position.

Why SAI?

Here at Strategic Acquisitions International, we’re not just
staying ahead of the future. We’re aiming to create it.


Our Team’s combined experience in Engineering, Extraction, Marketing, Finance, Public Relations, and Venture Capital puts us in a position to compete with the biggest entities in the industry. We’ve made it our primary goal to understand this market better than anyone else, and have positioned SAI to become a leader in market-share in both wholesale and retail sectors.

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